Storage Lockers for Hazardous Liquid Storage

Chemicals that are generally not considered dangerous can be hazardous under specific circumstances. Using proper storage solutions is necessary to avoid hazardous situations that can be harmful to society or the environment. When handling or storing hazardous liquid storage, it is required that chemicals and other hazardous materials are stored properly to prevent leaks, chemical reactions, worker exposure and chemical spills. Some laboratories can become unorganized because of the volume and variety of chemicals that are stored and handled.

hazardous liquid storage

Hazardous liquid storage lockers by US Chemical Storage offer 100% compliance for flammable and combustible storage

Hazardous Liquid Storage Explosion Relief Panels & Fire Ratings

Depending on how close flammable materials are stored next to an occupied facility, fire rating can be necessary. If flammable, hazardous liquid storage is going to be stored 30 feet or closer to an occupied facility then a fire rated chemical storage building is necessary. For complete compliance, 2-hour and 4-hour fire rated chemical storage buildings are designed to store hazardous liquid storage and solid storage safely. Hazardous liquid storage can pose threats to personnel and the environment if it is not stored compliantly and/or maintained properly.

Chemical Replacements & Fines Can Be Costly – Hazardous Liquid Storage Lockers Can Prevent a Hazardous Situation

Do not underestimate hazardous liquid storage chemicals. Ensure that each chemical is understood by official personnel. It is necessary that each chemical container is labeled with its hazard classifications. Just because a chemical does not have threatening hazard classifications, it is prudent to assume that all hazardous liquids are dangerous.

Explosion Relief Panels for Hazardous Liquid Storage by US Chemical Storage

When housing flammables and combustibles, explosion relief panels will provide safety and protection against damages that are caused by possible explosions. Locate explosion relief panels on any wall for complete customizability. Explosion relief panels by US Chemical Storage feature a relief vent, FM Approved release fastener and a restraint mechanism design to cushion the panel acceleration as the relief panel is fully opened. Our explosion relief panels meet all FM Approvals, ASTM standards, NFPA regulations and provides superior protection for personnel, bystanders and equipment exterior to the flammable storage locker.

Explosion Relief Panel Advantages:

  • Increased Personnel Safety
  • FM Tested and Approved Release Fasteners
  • NFPA Approved
  • Less Risk to External Equipment
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Release
  • Extremely Reliable
  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • Meets ASTM-D35, ASTM-E84, ASTM-E-283 & FM Approval Standard Class Number 6049
  • Bottom or Top Hinged Panels

 Compliantly store hazardous materials storage safely and compliantly with US Chemical Storage. Our Strength is Your Security.

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