Pesticide Storage – South Carolina Regulations

Pesticdie Regulations

South Carolina Pesticide Storage Regulations

Pesticide storage is important for human health, the environment, animals and the pesticides itself.  Extreme temperatures can change or even damage pesticides that are being stored inside a container.  Pesticides are usually best to be stored between 40-90°F.  If you are located in a geographical area where weather fluctuations are common, temperature control systems can be necessary.  Keep your pesticide facility locked and secure. It is important that intruders, children or animals cannot enter you pesticide storage building.  Pesticide storage regulations require that a large sump container be used.  This way, in the event of a pesticide storage leak or spill, the pesticides are contained properly.

While this document may cover a number of important compliant pesticide storage solutions, it cannot address every single situation for keeping pesticide storage maintained and compliant.

  • Pesticide storage should be ordered properly and should not be stacked.
  • The name / brand of the pesticide that is being stored must appear on the external label
  • A secondary containment sump is important for spills or pesticide leaks
  • A fully compliant pesticides chemical storage container must be utilized for the storage of pesticides.
  • The pesticides storage facility used, must be completely sealed and leak-proof.
  • Your pesticide storage must be on a level ground, away from flood plains.
  • Your pesticide storage facility should not have any penetrating sunlight or heat that can ignite be exposed to the pesticides.
  • Proper warning labels for the pesticides being used must be on the external label and commonly eye level.
  • Pesticide storage should be stored separately from incompatible materials.  A solid partition wall should be used or a separate chemical storage facility should be used.
  • Expiration dates shall be stated on an external label that is easy to read. This will provide a proper and safe inventory storing operation for your pesticide storage.
  • A slightly larger pesticide storage building should be utilized, compared to the amount of pesticides being stored.

Pesticide Storage Chemical Storage Building

Keep your pesticide storage maintained and compliant with a pesticide building from US Chemical Storage.  Maintained your pesticides with temperature controls, mechanical ventilation systems, a leak-proof secondary sump containment and more. We offer 100% compliant pesticide storage buildings to keep you, the environment and animals safe.  Fully compliant, heavy-duty pesticide storage buildings from US Chemical Storage will provide you with the assurance you need to keep your pesticide storage properly maintained.


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