The New Charge to Lithium Batteries

Powerful Technology

The demand for small, slim, and unique designs for equipment has pushed lithium technology to provide cutting edge companies with smaller, lightweight batteries.

Lithium batteries are electro-chemical devices that convert higher-level materials into an alternate state during discharge. Discharge loads range from a slow flow of current in a flashlight, to sporadic high voltage bursts in a power tool or machinery, to steady current pulses on technological equipment including laptops and cameras.

Powering a variety of technologies in various industries, including Tesla and other car manufacturers. Lithium batteries are lightweight, powerful, long-lasting and environmentally safer than alternatives, including acid and gel batteries. However, lithium batteries generate large amounts of energy and the risk of a fire or explosion associated with them is generally high.

Lithium Battery Storage

Lithium batteries are known to spontaneously ignite and pose fire hazards that are caused due to the overheating of the batteries because they contain lithium metal – a highly combustible material. Overheating can be a result of a poor battery design, electrical shorting, overcharging, rapid discharge, or increased storage temperatures. When a lithium battery becomes overheated, thermal runaway occurs This internal reaction causes an increase in temperature and pressure, which can lead to  the battery  igniting and  combustion.

lithium battery storage buildings

A U.S. Chemical Storage building for lithium battery storage

When storing large quantities of lithium batteries and their parts, hazardous risks increase exponentially, like storage fires resulting in large-scale fires putting facilities and personnel at risk. The risks involved with large quantities of lithium battery storage must be assessed and managed properly.

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Next time, we’ll discuss more about storing lithium batteries and how to properly manage inventory with storage lockers and custom buildings from US Chemical Storage.  If you have serious storage needs for your business, please contact us for a free consultation by signing up online or simply calling us at 1-800-233-1480.

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