Hazmat Storage Containers

Hazmat Storage Containers

hazmat storage containersHazardous materials require special handling, storage and safety processes in order to maintain a safe facility. The chance of having a hazardous situation on-site can be great, depending on the type and amount of hazardous material being stored. Almost all chemicals require their own special safe storage solutions. The article below illustrates a step-by-step process to determine what type of hazmat storage container to use when storing hazardous materials and how to use it.

How Much?

One of the first questions to ask is, how much hazmat inventory is being stored. Answering this question will provide basic requirements to understand the size of the hazmat storage container needed, measurements for a concrete foundation for the container and distances from property lines and/or occupied structures.


  • Are you storing liquids or solids?
  • Are you using small containers including buckets, bags, or small bottles?
  • Are you using totes for storing liquid? What size?
  • Are you using 55-gallon drums? Are they stored on pallets or individually?
  • What is the maximum amount of inventory you plan to store?
  • Is your inventory incompatible?
  • Are these chemicals volatile?

Material Handling Requirements

When transporting chemical storage from a hazmat storage container what type of equipment is being used?

  • Forklift
  • Drum dolly
  • Hand truck
  • Extended forklift
  • Physical labor

Fire Rated Distances

Hazmat storage containers are designed in two and four-hour fire-rated constructions as well as non-combustible for storing chemicals inside or outside of facilities. selected will determine the appropriate proximity to occupied facilities and property lines. The International Building Code specifies minimum distances, illustrated below.

  • Fire-Ratings                                                        Distances from Occupied Facilities or Property Lines
  • Four hour fire-rated:                                                            Less than 10 feet or within an existing structure.
  • Two hour fire-rated:                                                             10 to 30 feet.
  • Non-Combustible (no fire rating):                                     Greater than 30 feet


To learn more about chemical storage and meeting chemical safety codes contact US Chemical Storage for a free consultation online or call 1-800-233-1480.

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