Hazmat Drum Storage Signage

Do you know proper regulations for maintaining hazmat drum storage signs, labels and markings? Find out more, in the article below, about proper labeling guidelines, and hazmat storage signage to keep people, investments and environments safe.

Labeling vs. Marking for Hazmat Storage

hazmat drum storage

Hazmat drum storage buildings by US Chemical Storage.

The specificity of DOT references to labels and markings are very different. Labels point to the diamond-shaped hazmat symbol placed on non-bulk containers, which resemble bulk container placards. Markings refer to any other signs that are on non bulk packaging.

Placement of Hazardous Material Labels

Labels must appear in their entirety; due to the specified size, style, border, width, and colors. Labels should be located near any markings, while still on the same surface. Labels should be placed near the top of containers, where they are highly visible.

Hazmat Drum Storage Labeling

If hazmat drums have multiple hazards associated with them, multiple labels should be displayed next to each other. The DOT recommends a six- inch space between labels; to avoid any confusion. The label illustrating the primary hazard should be above and to the left of the label that portrays the secondary hazard.

Hazardous Material Markings

Marking is an important process in preparing hazardous materials for transportation. A marking contains essential information about the identification and dangers of hazardous materials that is critical for worker knowledge.

Follow the general guidelines listed below when placing markings on hazardous material containers.

  • Ensure the durability
  • Ensure readability
  • Printed on or affixed on the surface or on a label, tag or sign
  • Display markings on a contrasting color background
  • Do not cover up markings by other labels or attachments
  • Replace when markings are torn or damaged

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