Hazardous Waste Containers

Hazardous waste containers are very important when hazardous waste needs to be disposed of properly. Many factories and businesses in the United States dispose of hazardous waste because of their operations.  Hazardous waste containers provide a safe and compliant disposal method for hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Containers provide a compliant solution

A Coronoa company was accused of illegally disposing of hazardous waste that has agreed to pay $45,000 to clean up their actions.  The $45,000 was initiated in a court-approved settlement August 20th, 2013.  According to officials, the company will pay $30,000 in civil penalties for two counts of illegal hazardous waste disposal and will reimburse the state Department of Toxic Substances Control $15,000 in investigative costs.

The company was charged with illegally disposing of dust left in its diesel particulate filters by placing it into dumpsters.  The dust contains high levels of copper, zinc and chromium that needs to be disposed of a proper hazardous waste container.  Reed Sato, Chief Counsel and head of criminal investigations for the Department of Toxic Substances Control stated that the waste that was disposed of is highly toxic and may cause threat to the environment as well as human health.

Maintain your hazardous waste with hazardous waste containers from US Chemical Storage.

Violations of improper disposal of hazardous waste can be very expensive and have serious threats to present operations.  Keep your hazardous wastes disposed of properly and compliantly.

Hazardous Waste Containers by US Chemical Storage

hazardous waste storage

Hazardous Waste Containers by US Chemical Storage

Hazardous storage can pose a threat to human health and the environment alike. US Chemical Storage provides a safe and compliant way to keep your hazardous waste safe, protected and 100% compliant. Offering expertise, our sales engineers can provide you with the advice you need to avoid fines and operational shut-downs. To make sure your hazardous waste is not a threat to the public health or the environment, choose hazardous waste containers from US Chemical Storage. Our hazardous waste containers offer a solid steel construction that has been tested before leaving our factory provides you with a fully compliant hazardous storage method. Our hazardous storage containers are designed to house your hazardous waste with ease. Our buildings offer a fully customizable design to tailor exactly to your specific hazardous waste needs. Our hazardous waste containers have a weather resistant epoxy top coat for superior protection. Keep your hazardous waste stored compliantly and provide your personnel and the community with a safe, hazardous waste-free environment.   Store your hazardous waste with a hazardous waste container from US Chemical Storage.

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