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Twenty (20) liters of biodegradable cleaning product leaked from Suncor Energy plant  into the St. Clair River Tuesday. This is the second Chemical Valley spill within a month. Both spills shut down local water intakes, stated the Mayor of Sarnia.

Suncor spokeswoman, Jennifer Johnson, stated that company officials recognized “a small quantity of soapy-looking material at the refinery’s outlet to the St. Clair River”. She continued, “Due to the small volume of material released over that timefram, it’s not expected that the soap will have reached a level of concern…the discovery may be related to equipment cleaning ahead of the refinery’s planned turnaround”.

Plant Work and Inspections for Suncor

hazardous materials storage

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There are plans in place to shut down parts of the plant for a month for planned maintenance work.

Johnson stated, “the refinery’s Environment Health and Safety team began closely monitoring the system, including the effluent point from the refinery to the river… We do take this issue seriously and are, as per our standard operating procedures, also conducting further sampling.”

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Sarnias Mayor, Bradley, stated the spill is a big disappointment. He also stated, “It’s such a setback for us because we’ve come so far in the industry and with the city removing ourselves from the river and the possibilities of spills…when it does happen and we have to two water intake shutdowns that is just not acceptable”.

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