Safety and Compliance Matters – Hazardous Materials Storage

Hazardous Materials Storage Methods for Your Security

Managing large volumes of hazardous materials storage can be a difficult and challenging task. Optimizing your hazardous materials storage with a compliant hazardous storage container can provide organized storage as well as being able to gain full compliance.

Hazardous Materials Storage Containers That Offer Full Compliance:

FIRELoc series hazardous storage container

The FIRELoc hazardous materials storage building is a 2 hour fire rated building, designed for flammables and combustibles. With a 2 hour fire rating, you can place this building 10 feet to 30 feet away from occupied facilities or property lines and still remain compliant. This building enables your operational productivity to increase, with the ability of being able to store your hazardous storage close to your facility. Built from heavy duty, 12-gauge steel for superior strength to withstand any hazardous situation, if a hazardous accident were to occur. Our FIRELoc series chemical storage building is 100% customizable to meet or exceed your exact specifications. Customize this building with cooling systems, temperature control systems, alarms, gas sensors, racks, shelving, exhaust fans and more. All US Chemical Storage hazardous material storage containers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy duty chemical storage usage.

hazardous materials storage building

TURFLoc hazardous materials storage container by US Chemical Storage

TURFLoc series hazardous storage container

Manufactured, designed and constructed from professional engineers and experienced, certified welders. Top of the line hazardous materials storage buildings for agricultural professionals. Create compliance for your pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides, and more with a TURFLoc series hazmat building. Extremely strong, custom-design-built, hazarous storage containers for heavy duty use. All hazardous material buildings by US Chemical Storage feature a leak-proof, built-in secondary sump containment for catching spills or chemical leaks. Fully customizable and 100% compliant – meets and exceeds all EPA, OSHA and NFPA regulations. FM Approved and Warnock Hersey standards are met. Customize your hazardous storage facility today with US Chemical Storage.

DRUMLoc series hazardous storage container

Manage and maintain chemical drum containers compliantly with a DRUMLoc series building by US Chemical Storage. Customize your chemical drum building to fit any volume of hazardous materials needed. Fire rated or non-fire rated for complete protection and featured with a built-in secondary containment for spill containment. Optimize your chemical storage with a DRUMLoc series hazardous materials unit. All hazmat buildings, by US Chemical Storage, feature a chemical and weather resistant epoxy coating, internally and externally, in order to battle extreme weather conditions. US Chemical Storage is trusted globally for 100% compliance and superior durability. We are the global leader in chemical storage buildings and hazardous materials storage containers. Keep your chemical storage safe, maintained and managed compliantly with a hazardous materials storage unit from US Chemical Storage.

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