Hazardous Materials Storage Chemical Fire, Copley Ohio

Chemical Fire in Copley, Ohio causes nearby businesses and day care evacuation.  The fire began at 9:15am at the YRC Freight terminal in a semi trailer that was storing chemicals.  An employee noticed the smell of chemical gas prior to the chemical fire.  The worker suffered burns to his face and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Nearby businesses and a children’s daycare was evacuated due to the fire.  Hazmat teams and the EPA responded to the chemical fire.  Officials stated that children from the Kids Academy of Copley were taken to Copley High School and no children were harmed from the chemical fire.  Some children that were relocated were picked up by their parents.



“I saw flames and I saw a guy run out of the trailer, and at the same time, I heard a boom and a big fireball came out of the trailer horizontally, ” YRC worker Peter Venturini stated.

The hazardous chemical that caused the hazardous materials storage chemical fire is Dimethyl Ether; an extremely flammable chemical that reacts with water.

“Due to that information, the trailer was let to burn until the chemical was consumed, then the fire was extinguished” Assistant Copley Fire Chief Keith Moore stated.

Around 11:30am the chemical fire had burned out and was extinguished, authorities stated.

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