Hazardous Materials Leak- Salt Lake City, Utah

Hazardous Materials Leak

Hazmat crews are working relentlessly to clean up the chemical spill at Quality Distribution Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah. Officials have determined that the chemical is a type of organic peroxide called Trigonox. The company had a problem with the cooling system which may have caused the hazardous chemical to warm and burst a container. The cooling system failure could have led to a small fire, causing the leak.

The hazardous material, called Trigonox, becomes unstable once it reaches 68 degrees Fahrenheit and cannot be stored to stability once it gets warmer than 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since the air conditioner failed there was no refrigerated air to cool the material to its normal state.

With the daily temperatures, in the area of the chemical leak, averaging the high 90’s, hazmat crews fought to maintain the temperature of the hazardous material. Firefighters and hazmat crews moved 44 compromised containers of potentially explosive and flammable hazardous materials to a ditch where they were ignited safely for destruction.  The compromised containers were eventually moved to the ditch and then ignited safely.  Firefighters were equipped with fire hoses in case of an explosion or severe fire.

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