Gain Compliance with a Hazardous Material Storage Building by US Chemical Storage

Store Hazmat Compliantly with a Hazardous Material Storage Building

hazardous material storage building

Hazardous material storage building by US Chemical Storage. Compliantly store hazmat while keeping personnel, investments and the environment safe.

Hazardous materials storage can be classified as any type of chemical, substance or material that can cause harm to people, property, living organisms or the environment. Hazardous materials are regularly subject to compliance regulations and other storage requirements. There are many different agencies that define hazardous chemicals such as OSHA, the NFPA, and the EPA.

OSHA defines a hazardous material by “chemicals present in the workplace which are capable of causing harm. In this definition, the term chemicals includes dusts, mixtures, and common materials such as paints, fuels, and solvents”. OSHA regulates and monitors exposure of approximately 400 substances in the workplace. Improper storage practices can result in fines, accidents, and other hazardous situations. Therefore, proper precautions must be taken when storing hazardous chemicals.

Proper storage practices reduce the risk of accidents and hazardous situations. Below is a list of proper storage techniques for storing hazardous materials using a hazardous material storage building.

Storage Protection for Hazardous Materials:

  • Keep hazardous materials separated by hazardous groups.
  • Use proper ventilation practices (mechanical ventilation and/or passive ventilation).
  • Use necessary temperature controls for maintaining chemical stability.
  • Store flammable liquids away from sources of ignition (sparks, wiring, friction etc.).
  • When handling hazardous materials, always wear proper protective equipment.
  • Have Material Safety Data Sheets available.
  • Make sure proper fire suppression systems are implemented inside your hazardous material storage building.
  • Hazardous material wastes can still be harmful to personnel and the environment.

Hazardous Material Storage Buildings – by US Chemical Storage

Store hazardous materials compliantly with a hazardous material storage building by US Chemical Storage. US Chemical Storage offers a wide variety of fire-rated and non-fire rated hazardous material storage buildings, depending on your hazardous material storage needs. All of our hazardous material storage buildings are fully customizable to meet your exact requirements and 100% compliant for complete safety. All of our hazardous material storage buildings are designed by professional engineers and tested before they leave our factory for complete quality assurance. Store your hazmat closer to, or even inside your facility with a fire-rated hazardous materials storage building. Each hazardous material storage building is featured with a built-in secondary containment sump for protection against spills, leaks or other hazmat accidents. Offering superior strength, longevity and security for your hazmat storage. Call to speak with a sales engineer on how to get fully compliant today.

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