GSA Advantage partner with US Chemical Storage

US Chemical Storage’s partnership with the GSA allows federal agencies access to expertise for designing specific chemical storage buildings.

You’re supporting our freedom on the front line, let us help you.

GSA Advantage Paired with US Chemical Storage

Do you need a chemical storage building for chemical drums? Our DRUMLoc chemical storage buildings provide a safe and compliant method for storing hazardous materials. American built for superior strength and longevity. Our DRUMLoc storage buildings meet Federal and State regulations for managing hazardous chemicals or waste materials.

US Chemical Storage Advantage:

GSA Advantage US Chemical Storage

GSA Advantage and US Chemical Storage partner to provide safest and most reliable chemical storage buildings to the market.

We can guide you through the steps when purchasing your chemical storage building. Our goal is to keep your chemical storage compliant, maintained and properly managed. We provide federal agencies with expert advice everyday on our fully compliant chemical storage buildings. Flammable and non-flammable chemical storage buildings are constructed from heavy-gauge steel for ultimate strength and protection. US Chemical Storage buildings’ feature a strong epoxy top-coat for chemical and weathering resistance. All of our chemical storage buildings are hand-welded and are pre-tested in our factory for maximum reliability.

What does US Chemical Storage Provide For Our Clients and the GSA Advantage?

Not only are we the leading manufacturer of chemical storage buildings, we take pride doing it. It is our passion to provide clients with the strongest and most dependable metal storage buildings on the market. We design customized chemical storage buildings that will provide you, your facility and your investments with a compliant storage solution for your chemical inventory. Our sales engineers have been trained to provide expert advice to all of our clients, to keep their chemical storage fully compliant.

We consider it a privilege to support our military and veterans alike.  US Chemical Storage would like to thank you for your service.

The GSA Advantage and US Chemical Storage have partnered to supply federal agencies with the strongest and most secure storage buildings on the market.

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