Germantown Hazardous Materials Liquid Spill

Hazmat teams responded to a hazardous material spill at Cambridge Major Chemical Company in Germantown on Tuesday, August 6th 2013. The hazardous material that was spilled is called, therminol.  The toxic chemical is said to be used in heat transferring processes used by the company.  Officials stated that a valve on a vessel that was containing the hazardous material failed, causing the hazmat leak.

The hazardous materials liquid, therminol, spilled into a self-contained sump, and did not enter any waterways or spill into the sewer system.  Secondary sump containments are very important when housing or storing hazardous materials liquid.  In the event of a chemical spill, the leak-proof secondary containment sump is able to catch and contain the chemical safely.

Officials stated that the chemical, therminol, gave off a vapor, which triggered an alarm system that notified Germantown hazmat crews.  Suppression systems were not used.

The building was cleaned up by hazmat crews and employees were able to reenter the toxic-free building.

CHEMLoc Chemical Storage Building

hazmat spill

Hazardous Materials Liquid CHEMLoc Storage Building by US Chemical Storage

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