Fueling our Technological Society: Hexachlorodisilane & How to Store it

Our world today is driven by technology.  Smartphones, tablets, computer chips, renewable energy, solar panels, fiber optics, semiconductors etc… Where there is a need for technology there is a need for raw material storage of Silicon nitride and Silicon dioxide, two of the most widely used dielectric materials in microelectronics, which are found in the chemical Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS).  HCDS is an electronics grade liquid material that is corrosive, water-reactive and colorless that requires extreme care when transporting and handling.  HCDS is an ultrahigh purity material that must be maintained and stored properly in order to prevent fire or explosions.

Storing & Handling of Hexachlorodisilane

Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS) Material Storage

Hexachlorodisilane is an electronics grade liquid material requiring extreme care handling and storing.

Storing Hexachlorodisilane is critical and transporting and handling must take precautionary measures.  Improper handling and storing of HCDS can cause fatal explosions and severe fires.  The highly-corrosive chemical is found to be even more of a risk since it reacts with water.  HCDS storage is crucial to preventing accidents that may be harmful to investments and/or personnel.

About U.S. Chemical Storage

U.S. Chemical Storage offers the highest grade construction of heavy-gauge steel to store your chemical inventory.  Our chemical storage buildings are constructed with a leak proof spill-containment sump to catch any spills from leaking chemical inventory.  Our wide variety of products and accessories provide the customizability for specific purposes.  When storing Hexachlorodisilane spill detection is critical and can be very useful.  Hexachlorodisilane is a highly-corrosive chemical and extreme caution must be used when storing HCDS.  U.S. Chemical Storage offers extreme resistance to corrosives and a safe and protective way to storing Hexachlorodisilane and other chemical inventory.

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