Florida Pesticide Regulations

Florida pesticide containment regulations

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Pesticide sites are those where pesticides were mixed and loaded into machinery or equipment, either inside or outside of a building; where pesticides, fertilizer, herbicide, cleaning solvents, and fungicide are stored, and where farming equipment is stored.  These areas and the surrounding areas are where pollution and accidents are most likely to occur.

The State of Florida is very susceptible to pollution because of the State’s unique geology, and pesticides, along with fertilizers, herbicide, and fungicide must be stored properly. Contamination of groundwater and other water systems can occur when pesticides, solvents, fertilizers and other hazardous materials are spilled.  Florida pesticide regulations for pesticide storage, fertilizer storage and other highly toxic chemical storage must be implemented.

While this document may cover a number of important compliant pesticide storage solutions, it cannot address every single situation for keeping pesticide storage maintained and compliant.  

  • Do not discharge any wastes into the ground or water systems nearby.
  • Identify specific dates on all pesticide storage containers
  • Store your pesticide storage in a dry, storage building.
  • The pesticide storage building should have no moisture accessibility.
  • Stockpiling pesticides is not recommended. Minimize the amount of pesticide storage that is being stored at one time.
  • Pesticide storage should not be cluttered or crowded.
  • A slightly larger storage building for the amount being stored is recommended.

Pesticide storage buildings must be well-designed and maintained for complete safety and security.  A well-designed pesticide storage facility should protect your pesticide storage, and meet all compliant regulations.  A well-constructed pesticide storage building should also reduce the chance of environmental contamination, prevent damage to pesticides from temperature extremes and moisture, and keep your pesticide storage safe from unauthorized use.  U.S. Chemical Storage provides fully compliant pesticide storage buildings that meet all of the above

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