Flammable Storage Containers for Paint Inventory

Fire-Rated Paint Storage Buildings by US Chemical Storage meet EPA, OSHA and NFPA Regulations

Learn about flammable storage containers for paint inventory and how to contain your paint inventory safely.

When storing, mixing or dispensing paints it is necessary that proper storage requirements are met. Flammable storage containers for paint storage vary depending on storage applications and geographical location. These compliant flammable storage buildings are designed for extreme climates and harsh weather conditions. Flammable storage containers by US Chemical Storage are designed with heavy-duty insulation for keeping your inventory safely controlled. All fire-rated paint storage containers are hand-welded by experienced, certified welders and designed by professional engineers. Constructed from industry leading heavy-gauge steel for superior strength and durability.

Paint Storage Tips – Achieve Full Compliance

  • Keep updated inventory on all paints that are being stored.
  • Label paints by contents and hazard classifications.
  • Store paints out of the reach of children or other entrants.
  • Keep possible contaminants away from paint inventory.
  • Maintain room temperature inside your flammable storage container.
  • Keep paint storage away from extreme temperatures.
  • Dispose of paints in a household hazardous waste building or collection site.
  • Label your flammable paint storage building with proper hazard classifications.
flammable storage containers for paint

Flammable storage containers for paint by US Chemical Storage.

FIREloc Flammable Storage Containers for Paint Containment

FIREloc series flammable storage containers for paint storage are designed to handle large volumes or small volumes of flammable storage. Optimize your 2-hour, fire-rated FIREloc storage building for maximum safety and security with a wide range of accessories from US Chemical Storage. Custom accessories include, but are not limited to, alarm systems, cooling systems, temperature controls, mechanical ventilation, passive ventilation, shelving, tote racks, flooring systems and more. Optimizing your flammable storage building will allow your paint storage to remain fully compliant and properly maintained.

The FIREloc series flammable storage building allows you to properly store your flammables up to 10 feet away from your occupied facility for increased operational efficiency. Store, mix or dispense all classes of flammable liquids with a FIREloc storage building. Protect your personnel, investments and the environment with a flammable storage building by US Chemical Storage. Call or request a quote today.

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