Is a flammable storage cabinet fully compliant?

Make sure to keep your flammable storage housed in the correct container.

flammable storage cabinet is not equal to a fire rated flammable storage building

A flammable storage building will outperform a flammable storage cabinet when storing flammable materials

A flammable storage cabinet can be used to store lower level flammables such as materials that will not burn under ordinary fire conditions (0 classification on NFPA 704 rating scale). Many flammables materials contain either class 1 or greater, therefore not suitable or compliant to be stored in a flammable storage cabinet.

Proper flammable storage cabinets are important when housing small quantities or large volumes of flammable chemicals. Flammable storage buildings are the compliant and proper option when storing flammable materials. When storing flammable materials (Class 1 or greater) a proper fire-rated flammable storage unit is needed.

Know the difference between a flammable storage cabinet and a fire rated flammable storage building.

2 hour fire rated flammable storage buildings and 4 hour fire rated chemical storage buildings provide enough protection to be stored close to your facility. 2 and 4 hour fire rated storage buildings provides ample time for personnel or bystanders to evacuate the hazardous situation or hazardous scene. Fire rated flammable storage buildings, opposed to flammable storage cabinets, are necessary to follow complete regulations and compliance requirements.

Check to make sure you know what you are storing:

  • Read the label on the container before storing
  • If your chemical storage does not have a label on it or it is unreadable, contact your dealer or manufacturer for a MSDS regarding your chemicals storing guidelines
  • Do not store incompatible materials in the same storage room
  • Segregate your incompatible materials with solid partition walls – fire rated if you are storing flammable storage.

Before buying a flammable storage cabinet, be sure of what classification your chemical storage is on an NFPA flammable rating scale. If your flammable storage is higher than a zero, a fire rated flammable storage building is necessary for compliance. When purchasing a fire rated flammable storage building, be sure to optimize with compliant accessories. Accessories such as fire suppression systems, lighting, explosion proof accessories, exhaust fans, racking systems, alarms make great additions to flammable chemical storage buildings. Accessories can provide a compliant flammable storage building with increased safety, or they can simply make a chemical storage building fully compliant.


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