Chemical Leak at Hartford Building – Flammable Materials Storage Spill

A Flammable Materials Storage Spill at the ELG Utica Alloys Building

Transfer Locker for flammable materials storage

Flammable Materials Storage Transfer Locker by US Chemical Storage

Officials stated the spill occurred when the company employees attempted to transfer a newly delivered batch of hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid turned out to be stronger than usual, which caused a violent reaction with the pump. DEEP spokesman, Dwayne Gardner, stated the acid “reacted violently with the pump” during the transfer process.

State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection officials stated that twelve (12) to fourteen (14) employees were inside the building and were evacuated as a precaution.

Flammable Materials Storage Transfer Process

Gardner stated, workers immediately stopped the transfer of the flammable materials storage and closed the acid container.

The transfer of flammable materials storage can be very dangerous and necessary precautions must be met before handling, storing or transferring flammable liquids inside an occupied facility or outside a facility.

After closing of the flammable acid container, the manufacturer and distribution company was contacted to find out the exact composition of the batch.

Transfer Locker for Flammable Materials Storage by US Chemical Storage

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