Flammable Locker Storage Requirements – Superior Security

Flammable Lockers and Flammable Storage Regulations

flammable locker storage requirements

Flammable locker storage requirements met by US Chemical Storage

Flammable lockers are specifically designed and constructed to handle flammables and combustibles. Fire rated chemical storage buildings are designed to handle a fire safely and compliantly, if a fire or explosion were to happen. Flammable locker storage requirements consist of different types of flammability ratings.

2 and 4 Hour Fire Rated – Flammable Locker Storage Requirements

A 2-hour fire rated building is designed to store flammables 10-30 feet away from occupied facilities for complete compliance and safety precautions. Designed to handle flammables and combustibles compliantly and perfect for storing or handling all different flammable classes.

For superior strength and security when storing flammables, the 4-hour fire rated chemical storage building is ideal. With a four hour bi-directional, fire rated construction, storing flammables and combustibles inside a facility is optional. Store your flammable storage locker 10 feet or inside your facility for complete safety and compliance. Fire rated chemical storage lockers can increase your operational productivity by storing your inventory close or inside your facility.

Flammable Locker Storage Requirements – Complete Compliance

FIRELoc™: Optimize your flammable locker storage requirements with a FIRELoc™ storage locker by US Chemical Storage. Hand-welded by experienced, certified welders and quality designed by professional engineers. At US Chemical Storage we design high quality chemical storage buildings for storing any class of chemical. All of our heavy duty buildings are 100% customizable and 100% compliant for maximum satisfaction. Improve your production, distribution, and operations with a 2-hour fire rated FIRELoc™ chemical storage building by US Chemical Storage.

SUPERLoc™: Flammable locker storage requirements by US Chemical Storage meet all EPA, OSHA, NFPA and FM Approvals or Warnock Hersey Standards. These 4-hour fire rated chemical storage buildings can be customized to meet any specific requirements with our wide variety of customizable accessories. Customize your SUPERLoc™ flammable storage locker with explosion proof accessories or non-explosion proof accessories. Designed by professional engineers and constructed by certified welders for ultimate security and strength. All of our SUPERLoc™ storage lockers are built from heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel. Protect your flammable and/or combustible storage from harsh environmental elements with a SUPERLoc™ flammable storage locker today.

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