Flammable Liquid Storage Lockers

Organize Flammable Liquid Storage with a Flammable Liquid Storage Locker

flammable liquid storage lockers

Flammable liquid storage locker by US Chemical Storage offers full compliance.

Flammable liquid storage buildings offer safe and secure protection when dealing with flammable liquids and hazardous materials. Safely store your flammable liquids nearby or even inside your occupied facility with a SUPERLoc chemical storage building or a FIRELoc chemical storage building by US Chemical Storage. All fire rated chemical storage buildings offer superior protection to people, the environment and investments.

The SUPERLoc chemical storage building is 4 hour fire rated for indoor storage and maximum safety. The 4 hour fire rated flammable liquid storage lockers are designed by professional engineers and experienced, certified welders. US Chemical Storage FIRELoc series flammable liquid storage lockers are 2 hour fire rated for superior protection and 100% compliance. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel for ultimate protection and industry leading security. Keep your flammable liquid storage safe and secure with a flammable storage building by US Chemical Storage.

Superior Protection & 100% Compliance – Flammable Liquid Storage Lockers by US Chemical Storage

Designed to house flammable liquids and flammable solids. All flammable liquid storage lockers are insulated with multiple layers of UL Classified fire-resistant gypsum wallboard for superior fire rated construction. Storing your flammables at a closer proximity to your occupied facility allows for faster production, distribution and increased productivity. All flammable liquid storage lockers are fully customizable to meet your exact specifications. Customize your flammable storage buiding with exhaust fans, explosion proof refrigeration, floor systems, cooling systems, alarms, chemical storage ramps and more.

Building Base: Every fire rated and non-fire rated chemical storage building by US Chemical Storage is designed with a heavy-duty base construction to ensure safety while fork-lifting, loading, transporting, off-loading and relocating. Others cannot compete with US Chemical Storage. Built for your safety and security. US Chemical Storage – Our Strength is Your Security.

Flammable Liquid Storage Lockers – 100% compliance & 100% customizability.

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