Oklahoma Chemical Plant – Flammable Liquid Storage Explosion

Chemical Plant Explosion in Thomas, OK Caused By Flammable Liquid Storage

Danlin Chemical Plant in Thomas, Oklahoma was engulfed in flames at around 10:15pm Wednesday, September 18th. The Thomas Fire Department was on the scene promptly, with emergency management director, Mike Galloway. Galloway stated that officials believe that flammable liquid explosions were caused by the fire rather than the other way around.

The Danlin Chemical Plant has a large campus, consisting of a lab, office, and a warehouse where flammable liquid storage is contained in drum containers. The plant is a 13 acre facility that employs 75 people in Thomas, Oklahoma. Galloway stated that in order for the explosions to occur the pressurized flammable liquid storage containers that were housed inside the warehouse had to be heated up to react.

The chief of the Thomas Police Department said no employees were working in the plant at the time of the flammable liquid storage fire, but dozens of residents had to be evacuated from the area for precautionary measures. No injuries were reported.

Flammable Liquid Storage – Methanol Storage

There was no risk to the public, or communities around the Chemical Plant. According to officials the flammable liquid storage drums that were exploding were full of methanol. “Methanol burns similar to alcohol with little to no harmful toxins” stated Galloway.

Emergency personnel were on the scene for assistance and standard emergency measures – waiting for the flammable liquid storage fire to extinguish.

There is no new to how the liquid storage fire started, as of  yet.

Flammable Liquid Storage Techniques and Proper Storage

Flammable Liquid Storage Building for Flammable Materials

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