Flammable Chemical Storage Paint Cabinets

Compliant Paint Storage Cabinets For Your Safety

flammable chemical storage paint cabinets

Flammable chemical storage paint cabinets by US Chemical Storage provide safe and compliant protection for hazardous materials.

Paint storage can vary depending on what type of contents it is based with. Some paints are more flammable than others and some are more toxic than others. It is necessary that paint classifications are grouped separately to avoid hazardous situations. Grouping paints accordingly the NFPA 704 hazard classifications sign can provide for a safe and compliant chemical storage environment.

Optimize your Flammable Chemical Storage Paint Cabinets with US Chemical Storage

Optimizing your chemical storage can provide huge benefits to staying safe. Whether storing paint containers or waste, flammable chemical storage paint cabinets by US Chemical Storage offer a safe and protected storage solution. Customize your paint storage locker with shelving and exhaust systems to make your flammable chemical storage paint cabinets completely safe and secure. US Chemical Storage paint storage lockers are designed to handle large volumes or small volumes of flammable chemical storage or combustible chemical storage. Store paint inventory compliantly while keeping it fully maintained with our full line of chemical storage accessories. Accessories including mechanical ventilation, cooling systems, temperature controls, exhaust systems, flooring options, alarms, and sensors provide a maintained atmosphere for keeping paint storage safe. US Chemical Storage flammable chemical storage paint cabinets provide compliant protection against harsh weathering elements and corrosive environments. Extremely durable construction and coated with an epoxy based paint makes US Chemical Storage flammable lockers the first choice for storing flammable chemical storage.

SUPERLoc Flammable Chemical Storage Paint Containers

Keep your flammable chemical storage paint container inside your facility with a SUPERLoc chemical storage building. SUPERLoc chemical storage buildings are 4-hour bi-directional fire rated for the ultimate protection. Allowing you to keep your paint inventory 10 feet or less, or within your facility for increased operational efficiencies. The SUPERLoc chemical storage locker provides superior strength and safety when keeping paint storage maintained and compliant. Featured with a leak-proof secondary sump containment for spill protection and leak protection. Meets and exceeds all EPA, OSHA, NFPA and FM Approvals or Warnock Hersey standards.


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