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A flammable chemical storage spill was found in Wayne Township, Ohio. The Clermont County Department of Public Safety Services received a call regarding a truck that was spilling hazardous substances.  Wayne Township Fire and Rescue responded to the flammable chemical storage scene to investigate the situation. They determined the liquid to be a mixture of aviation fuel and fungicide, which can be very flammable and harmful to the environment and human health. Approximately 200 liters of aviation fuel was spilled from the trucker. The fuel was spilled onto a cornfield nearby.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Clermont County Emergency Management Agency all arrived on the scene of the flammable chemical storage spill. The truck was removed from the scene of the hazardous flammable spill, but the chemicals are still being cleaned up.

Flammable chemical storage can be very toxic and dangerous to human health and the environment.

The Ohio EPA will be monitoring the cleanup process and say the flammable chemicals will be cleaned up as quick as possible.  The truck driver was hospitalized for observation and questioning.

Aviation fuel and fungicide can get into water systems causing harm to wildlife, and humans alike.  It is necessary that the chemicals are cleaned up before they enter into water systems nearby.

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