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Hazmat teams and other officials responded to the Fuller Road campus around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.  The flammable chemical storage containment took place at SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.  Steve Janack, a CNSE spokesman, stated that the incident is minor and no one was injured or exposed to the flammable chemical storage.  Albany Fire Chief, Rovery Forezzi, stated that three Nanotech employees visited the hospital for precautionary reasons.  They were not injured or required to go to the hospital.  By late afternoon, all three of them were released from the hospital.

The flammable chemical storage containment spill was caused by a team that was contracted from a vendor company.  The team was draining a chemical from the subfab room at the new nano facility when a small amount of flammable material was spilled, which gave off toxic fumes.  The subfab room houses gases and flammable chemicals used in the clean room above it.

Janack stated, “Out of an abundance of caution all of the appropriate police, fire and emergency crews were called”.  This was a precautionary measure to make sure the hazardous situation did not turn into anything else major.

Hazmat crews fled to the scene and found that the spill was very minimal and necessary shutoffs have been activated.  Fire Departments from nearby towns and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were also on the scene.

There is no clarification to what chemical was spilled at the moment.  Flammable storage should be stored in a flammable storage container  that complies with all EPA, OSHA and NPFA regulations.

US Chemical Storage Flammable Chemical Storage Containment

Flammable chemicals can be deadly and endanger human health, and the environment.  It is important to store flammables inside a fire-rated chemical storage building that meets all of the necessary requirements.  Our flammable chemical storage containment buildings provide a safe and compliant solution for flammable chemical storage.  Offering an extremely strong, hand-welded construction provides a durable and reliable building that you can count on.  When storing flammables, it is important that the flammable chemical are labeled and stored properly.  Proper storage may involve shelving, or separate partition walls and even mechanical ventilation.  Call one of our experienced sales engineers or visit us online to find out the proper flammable chemical storage containment is right for you.


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