Flammable Chemical Storage Blast In Orange County

Flammable Drum Container Fire In Orange County

Firefighters battle and extinguish what was a six hour blaze at a chemical storage yard located in Orange County. The flammable chemical fire began shortly before 1:15am, early Wednesday morning. The fire was located at a flammable chemical storage yard at La Rosa Company. The flammable chemical storage yard was sending up huge flames and very heavy clouds of smoke into the atmosphere.

The flammable chemical storage yard contained more than thirty 55 gallon drum containers storing flammable chemicals. The flammable chemical drums were mostly filled with large amounts acetone and alcohol, and were used to manufacture nail polish and other beauty products.

Flammable Chemical Storage Drum Fire

Officials stated that the chemical drums that contained the flammable chemical storage kept exploding, one-by-one. Firefighters stated that they watered the chemical drums down to decontaminate them. Hazmat teams and cleanup crews were on site to clean up any debris or runoff that may have occurred.

No injuries were reported and no evacuations were set in place. The cause of the flammable chemical fire is still under investigation.

Flammable Chemical Storage Units by US Chemical Storage

Flammable Chemical Storage for chemical drums

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