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Environmental Engineers- Present Day

Environmental Engineers are substantial to all companies in the modern world.  In this day and age, environmental concerns are present in all parts of the company ranging from materials used to product development through manufacturing and transportation.  In short, Environmental Engineers oversee the safety of employees as well as environmental conservation efforts concerning the immediate area and expanding out to larger regions affected.


 What does an Environmental Engineer do?

Companies have to abide by federal, state and local regulations regarding environmental safety and protection.  The responsibilities of Environmental Engineers include researching environmental regulations and developing forms, procedures and policies that apply to each individual company.  Environmental Engineers conduct audits, tests and inspections to monitor hazardous waste storage, handling, and disposal procedures.  They confirm hazardous and non-hazardous waste recycling suppliers are complying with company requirements and verify that MSDS sheets are compliant with regulations while also identifying chemicals for testing.  Environmental Engineers must gather and report data including but not limited to emissions and discharge rates/volume on air, water and hazardous waste.  This position requires the engineer to decide the type of permits required and follow up by arranging applications and updates for permits.  After their evaluations they assess and recommend approval on changes to all areas involved in production.  It is the responsibility of the engineer to see through the completion of the recommended changes and make sure they are compliant with all regulations and standards.

With their evaluations and assessments of the environmental integrity and compliance of the company the Environmental Engineer prepares reports for internal and external use.  It is the job of the Environmental Engineer to train and educate all employees on the proper regulations and policies regarding environmental standards.  Environmental Engineers may be expected to respond to emergency situations and give guidance toward the appropriate actions using their knowledge of regulations and standards putting the safety of the employees and surrounding environment first.


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