Business Roles: Director of Environmental Affairs

What is the role of the Director of Environmental Affairs?

The Director of Environmental Affairs focuses on compliance with environmental regulations and requirements with the Federal Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, Resource Conservation, Recovery Act and other regulations.

Daily Activities of the Director of Environmental Affairs:

The Director of Environmental Affairs monitors facilities, corporations, organizations, and other institutions for air compliance, water compliance, hazardous material assessment, analysis of emergency spill response, cleanup and project oversight.

Director of Environmental Affairs Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities that revolve around the Director of Environmental Affairs include emissions testing, and monitoring air pollution sources, from factories or facilities that contain or use chemicals in the manufacturing process, water inspections, storage tank inspections, as well as tracking and reporting where factories’ surface and groundwater goes to. The Director of Environmental Affairs must report spills, improper pollution, improper waste sources in a timely manner in order for facilities and other institutions to remain fully compliant.

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Director of Environmental Affairs

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