Compliant Flammable Liquid Storage Building


There are many factors that go into chemical storage. This oftentimes gives people pause. What are my chemical’s hazards? What environment does it require? What are the government regulations? Does the NFPA have anything to say about this particular chemical? Whether or not these questions actually run through your mind, when it comes to chemical storage, these questions are crucial. Understanding hazards and government regulations can help you to avoid hefty fines, citations, and dangerous incidents. There are a number of responsibilities on your part, but routine and safety training can help your personnel prepare for the worst. When it comes to a compliant chemical storage building, that’s our job. Let’s say you’re storing flammable liquids and you’re looking for a flammable liquid storage building. U.S. Chemical Storage understands that you’re not looking for just any storage building – a storage building designed for nonflammable chemicals simply won’t do. You require a fully customized flammable liquid storage building to achieve total compliance and the highest form of safety.


Flammable Liquid Storage Building - U.S. Chemical Storage

Flammable Liquid Storage Building from U.S. Chemical Storage

A flammable liquid storage building from U.S. Chemical Storage can be fully customized. This ensures that you achieve compliance with all regulations. Your flammable liquid storage building can be furnished with certain safety accessories such as fire suppression and climate control. Mechanical ventilation is not required for fire prevention purposes, but if you handle liquids that give off fumes, you may like to request mechanical ventilation within your flammable liquid storage building. This ensures fresh air for your personnel to breathe and prevents the buildup of flammable vapors. We can even equip your flammable liquid storage building with approved electrical systems that reduce the risk of fire within your chemical storage area.

With all of our buildings, we offer 100% compliance. Your flammable liquid storage building will be hand-welded by our experienced engineers, dedicated to bringing you the safest chemical storage building in the industry.

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