Chlorinated Dry Bleach Storage Leak at South Charleston Plant

Concerns After Chemical Leak at South Charleston Plant

Emergency officials have lifted a shelter in place shortly after the chemical leak at a plant in South Charleston. The leak was coming from chlorinated dry bleach storage that was housed in a chemical plant. Plant manager, Scott Johnson, stated that “some granular bleach was mistakenly left inside part of the production process and started to react by giving off heat and fumes”.

The county issued an emergency shelter in place shortly after the leak, and the shelter was in place about 40 minutes later.

The company, Clearon Corporation issued a statement after the leak at their plant in Charleston, West Virginia stated below:

At 8:25am management of Clearon Corp. was alarmed about a release of chlorine in the Clearon plant. Management then activated their plant emergency response team and notified local fire departments. An emergency shelter was situated as a precaution for the surrounding areas in South Charleston. The situation is under control and all employees were accounted for and are safe. Clearon also states that the cause of the leak is still being investigated.

Chlorinated dry bleach storage solutions

Chlorinated dry bleach storage solutions by US Chemical Storage

Chlorinated Dry Bleach Storage Solutions

Chlorinated dry bleach is a very unstable chemical and must to be stored in a dry environment to remain stable. Storage and handling of chlorinated dry bleach should be monitored closely and container lids must remain sealed when not in use. A safety shower and eyewash station should be located in work area, and passive ventilation or mechanical ventilation must be utilized.  Chlorinated dry bleach storage is incompatible to strong acids and can react to other chemicals if stored together. When storing large volumes of chlorinated dry bleach proper storage solutions are mandatory. Fire and explosive hazards of chlorinated dry bleach storage are very low to none, if stored 100% compliantly. Manage and maintain chlorinated dry bleach storage compliantly with US Chemical Storage. Customize a hazardous material storage building to make it fire rated or non-fire rated. Choose from a wide variety of explosion proof and non-explosion proof accessories to optimize your storage. All US Chemical Storage buildings meet and exceed all EPA, OSHA, NFPA regulations and FM Approvals and Warnock Hersey standards.


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