Chemical Storage Regulations Executive Order

Improper chemical storage disasters create need for new chemical storage regulations

Chemical Storage Regulations

President Obama Signs Executive Order 13650 for increased chemical storage regulations

After numerous chemical storage fires, blasts and spills, the United States is cracking down on chemical safety and compliance regulations of chemicals that are being stored in industrial facilities as well as for personal applications. Chemical storage regulations standards are being increased across the country.

President Obama has signed the Executive Order 13650: Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security.

This executive document addresses the hazardous situations that can occur when storing hazardous materials and what needs to be done in order to provide a safe and compliant chemical storage environment. The document also elaborates on:

  • Directs federal agencies to enhance their hazard and response coordination with state, local authorities
  • Establishes a Chemical Facility Safety and Security Working Group for increased chemical storage regulations
  • Identifies the best chemical storage regulations and practices
  • Working with private and public industries that store chemical storage in order to create best chemical storage regulations

An independent government agency, the United States Chemical Safety Board, has been trying to implemented tougher and increased chemical safety laws and chemical storage regulations – the board applauded the Executive Order.

A statement from the Chairperson Rafael Moure-Eraso on the Executive order follows, “I applaud the issuance of the Executive Order entitled, Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security. Increased coordination, communication, and data collection amongst federal, state, tribal, and local agencies should result in action and assist community members and emergency responders in helping to prevent and respond to chemical incident”.

He continues to say, “The West accident showed a particularly glaring need for comprehensive regulation of reactive chemical hazards and in particular ammonium nitrate.  The destruction I personally saw there – the obliteration of homes, schools, and businesses by an ammonium nitrate explosion – was almost beyond imagination. The loss of life was horrible. It is my hope that this Executive Order will spur development of regulation and enforcement for the safe handling of ammonium nitrate and other gaps in the coverage of reactive hazards that the CSB has previously identified to help prevent future incidents.”

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