Chemical Storage Leak – Increased NJ Regulations

New Jersey Lawmaker Urges Increased Chemical Storage Standards

chemical storage standards

New Jersey General Assembly Urges Increased Chemical Storage Standards

The nation has been getting hit with all different types of chemical storage leaks, spills, explosions and fires. A recent hazmat spill at the Passaic Valley Water Commission Treatment Plant on July 17th, 2013 caused a scare that could have led to detrimental effects to the public. Improper chemical storage can result in costly fines, as well as destructive and harmful consequences.  A New Jersey General Assembly lawmaker stated that new laws must be implemented in order to limit the number of hazmat situations.  The lawmaker stated that a safer means of storage and transportation of hazardous chemical throughout the state must be implemented.

Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer, D-Esssex, released a statement to the public advocating the reduction of exposure to the public of the state’s chemical plants.  Spencer’s announcement was made after a report by the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group urged to reduce hazardous material exposure to the public.

Hazardous materials that are released into the air or spilled or leaked can find ways into the groundwater, which can undoubtedly put human health at risk and cause harm to the environment.  Chemical storage must be fully compliant and kept maintained.  Proper chemical storage should be implemented at large industrial plants as well as small manufacturing facilities.  Chemical storage leaks and chemical storage spills can result in deadly explosions such as the fertilizer plant blast in West, Texas.

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