Chemical Storage Facility – Pesticide Regulations

Spill Containment Regulations and Pesticide Container Requirements

Compliance & Protection:  The EPA addresses five sections of containment regulations for pesticides and chemical storage, which are found below. The Pesticide Container and Containment Rule, according to the EPA, will provide “registrants, re-fillers, retailers, commercial applicators and custom blenders to comply with the requirements of this rule”.

Keep your chemical storage facility properly maintained and managed while storing pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. See below for the Pesticide Container and Containment Rule.

1. Non-refillable Containers: This standard must ensure that all non-refillable storage containers are strong and durable while minimizing exposure to individuals when handling or disposing of wastes.  Non-refillable containers must be properly disposed of in compliant receptacles.
2. Refillable Containers: Refillable containers must be strong, durable and minimize cross-contamination of pesticides and chemical storage that is distributed.
3. Repackaging: These regulations decrease cross contamination of pesticides distributed in refillable storage containers and provide safe refilling techniques, while encouraging the use of refillable containers to decrease container disposal issues.
4. Labeling: Proper labeling practices must be implemented along with instruction on how to properly clean pesticide containers and a statement that identifies if the storage container is non-refillable or refillable.  Expiration dates can minimize inventory on-hand and hazardous situations. With proper management of this section your chemical storage facility will be maintained and compliant.
5. Containment Structures: This section demonstrates standards for secondary sump containment at bulk storage sites. Pesticide dealers, manufacturers, dispensing operations, custom blenders, and other individuals who store pesticides must comply with these regulations.  These regulations are in place to contain chemical storage leaks and spills that may occur.  Furthermore, if a leak or spill does occur, the environment will not be harmed.


Pesticide Storage – Chemical Storage Facility

chemical storage facility

Chemical storage facility by U.S. Chemical Storage – features EPA compliant leak-proof spill containment.

Compliantly pesticide storage is extremely important for maintaining personnel safety, increasing operational efficiencies and keeping the environment clean from contamination . Pesticide storage buildings by US Chemical Storage feature a built-in, leak-proof secondary sump containment to compliantly contain any spills, leaks or hazardous situations, when storing pesticides. Our secondary sump containment is EPA compliant and designed for maintaining personnel safety and keeping the environment free from contamination.

Optimize your pesticide storage building with a wide variety of explosion proof and non-explosion proof safety accessories.

Designed by professional engineers for unmatched strength and reliability. All US Chemical Storage pesticide storage buildings are tested before they leave the factory for complete quality assurance. Meets EPA, OSHA, NFPA regulations and FM or Warnock Hersey approvals.

Pesticide Storage Building Advantages:

  • Extremely strong, heavy-gauge steel construction.
  • 15-year structural warranty.
  • 100% customizable.
  • Factory Mutual approved label.
  • EPA compliant leak-proof secondary containment.
  • Chemical, weather, and UV resistant 2-part coating inside and out.
  • Static grounding system and seismic bolt-down plates.
  • Explosion proof and non-explosion proof safety accessories available.
  • Customizable shelving and racks
  • Cooling and heating units available

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