Facility Evacuated After Explosion Containing Chemical Storage

“Chemical Explosion Could Have Been Worse” – Officials Say.

Approximately 55 people were evacuated from a local business in the Morena neighborhood, in California, Wednesday afternoon. A chemical drum containing epoxy exploded at Fiberlay Inc. – A company that sells fiberglass supplies.

People in the surrounding areas reported a strong smell of chemicals. Department spokesman, Marice Luque, stated that the smell was coming from a 55-gallon drum located inside a storage shed that had blown its lid.

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Luque stated that the epoxy was becoming contaminated by another chemical substance, therefore creating a chemical reaction that heated the hardening agent to about 300 degrees. After the chemical drum exploded, a quarter of the molten epoxy sprayed around over the shed interior, then hardened.

Dan Genovese, an employee at Morena Storage, near Fiberlay, stated, “I can taste the smoke”.

chemical storage explosion

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Five employees were evacuated from the facility where the chemical storage was reserved, while it was aired out. Hazmat crews and emergency teams were on the scene, shortly after being notified of the chemical explosion. Hazardous materials crew shifted the drum outside in order for it to cool down. Luque stated that if the chemical storage drum was not taken outside of the facility, there could have been a larger explosion at risk, involving other chemicals that were stored in the same shed.

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