Chemical Storage Containers and Chemical Fires

How do you know when a chemical storage container is really necessary?

chemical storage containers compliance

Chemical storage containers by US Chemical Storage offer safe hazmat storage solutions

There are many different types of chemicals and hazardous materials. Understanding the types of hazardous materials that are stored in your facility is one step closer to safety. This will allow chemicals to be grouped accordingly, in order to prevent chemical reactions or other hazardous situations. Read below to understand more about chemical storage solutions and fire rated chemical storage lockers.

100% Customizable and 100% Compliant Storage Solutions by US Chemical Storage

Chemical storage containers provide a safe and secure atmosphere for storing hazardous chemicals. Chemical storage containers can be designed with a number of separate accessories. Accessories including cooling systems, heating systems, mechanical ventilation, exhaust fans, alarms, gas sensors and more. US Chemical storage offers explosion proof and non-explosion proof accessories that are available for 100% compliance and maximum safety solutions.

Chemical Storage Containers and Segregating Hazardous Classifications

When storing different types of chemicals, it is necessary to keep flammable classes and hazard classifications segregated with a solid partition. Separating chemicals with different hazard classifications will provide for a safe and low risk chemical storage atmosphere. Compliantly store large or small volumes of chemicals with chemical storage containers by US Chemical Storage. All chemical storage containers by US Chemical Storage are 100% compliant and 100% customizable.

US Chemical Storage – Non-Fire Rated Construction or Fire Rated Construction 

CHEMLoc chemical storage containers: Non-fire rated chemical storage buildings provide superior strength and security for all of your chemical storage inventory. Every chemical storage container is designed by our team of professional engineers and experienced, certified welders. Featured with a built-in secondary containment for spill and leak protection. Store flammables and combustibles with a CHEMloc series chemical storage building when located at least 30 feet from any occupied facility or structure (check with local compliance standards for further information regarding placement of your chemical storage container). Meets all EPA, OSHA, NFPA and FM Approvals or Warnock Hersey standards.

SUPERLoc chemical storage containers: SUPERLoc series chemical storage containers are designed for the ultimate flammable storage solution. Store your flammable or combustible chemicals inside or 10 feet away from your facility with the SUPERLoc series chemical storage locker. This chemical storage building is 4-hour fire rated for compliantly storing flammables and combustibles. The 4 hour, bi-directional fire rated chemical storage building can be modified to meet all of your specifications, while increase manufacturing productivity and operational efficiencies. Meets all EPA, OSHA, NFPA and FM Approvals or Warnock Hersey standards.

Compliantly store flammables and combustibles with a chemical storage container by US Chemical Storage.

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