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Maximize Chemical Storage Building Space with Modular Construction

Chemical storage buildings safely store chemicals and flammable materials. Different types of buildings are available depending on the fire-rating and certification required. But, what happens when you need a larger square footage unit placed in a small footprint site? Modular storage buildings for chemicals offer a solution. Because chemical storage buildings are pre-fabricated in the […]

Don’t Paint Yourself into a Corner, Use Safe Storage Buildings

Paint falls under the coatings industry. It is one of many different types of coatings made and used. The American Coatings Association (ACA) categorizes coatings depending on their use: Architectural coatings (like paint) make buildings beautiful. Industrial coatings finish products during manufacture at the factory. Companies use special purpose coatings after goods leave the factory. […]

Compliant bulk paint storage

Bulk Paint Storage – Safe & Compliant

Safety Matters: Bulk Paint Storage OSHA classifies paints under “flammable and combustible materials” with requirements for storage, handling and transporting. Storing and handling large volumes of paint inventory can be extremely dangerous. Proper bulk paint storage buildings as well as mixing and dispensing units can provide safety to personnel and facilities in the surrounding area. […]

flammable storage paint lockers

flammable storage paint lockers

Safe Paint Storage Methods Flammable storage paint lockers are designed to store flammable paint materials and/or mix and dispense flammable and hazardous substances. Flammable storage paint lockers are designed in accordance with NFPA Code 30 standards and meet EPA, OSHA, IBC, IFC regulations. Paint Storage Precautions Paints contain many different types of hazardous materials including […]

safe paint storage

Safe Paint Storage Requirements

In this article US Chemical Storage illustrates OSHA’s regulations for storing various types of paint and paint related products. Is Paint Storage Flammable? Paints are considered “flammable and combustible materials” according to the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), under the Flammable Liquids title. Storing large volumes of paint storage can be extremely dangerous […]