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Mission Critical Applications for Lithium Battery Storage and Charging in the Military

Lithium batteries are everywhere in the military. Rechargeable batteries power mission critical equipment like drones and UAVs. Communication equipment also uses rechargeable lithium batteries. Many other types of equipment rely on one-time use batteries for power. Despite wide usage, not everyone is aware of the hazards of lithium batteries and how to store them safely. […]

Support Your Mission with Compliant Chemical Storage Solutions

Maintaining mission readiness requires a logistics and storage system that works like clockwork. Both the U.S. Army and Navy need lithium batteries charged and ready for use in UAVs, AUVs and communication equipment. Fuel, oil, and solvents must be readily available for immediate servicing and repairs. Poor chemical storage facilities could compromise your fleet readiness […]

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The New Charge to Lithium Batteries

Powerful Technology The demand for small, slim, and unique designs for equipment has pushed lithium technology to provide cutting edge companies with smaller, lightweight batteries. Lithium batteries are electro-chemical devices that convert higher-level materials into an alternate state during discharge. Discharge loads range from a slow flow of current in a flashlight, to sporadic high […]

How to Store Lithium Batteries

How to Store Lithium Batteries Lithium batteries are currently making a wave in technology to replace the way we power devices and equipment. Lithium battery chemistry is the newest technology among small and large corporations alike, offering a longer lifespan than conventional batteries, and providing end users with a lightweight design. Although lithium batteries offer […]

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Lithium Battery Storage Building – Powerful Energy

Lithium based batteries power many different technologies in various industries. Lithium batteries offer features such as lightweight, powerful, long-lasting and are environmentally safer than alternatives. However, lithium batteries generate large amounts of energy and the risk of a fire or explosion associated with them is generally high. The hazards associated with lithium batteries present challenges […]

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Lithium Battery Storage Buildings and Proper Maintenance Tips

Lithium Battery Storage & Storage Guidelines Lithium batteries are efficient and environmentally friendly innovations that have benefited many industries around the globe. The innovate technology is growing and will soon take over the standard lead-acid batteries that have been used for decades. Applications that integrate lithium batteries include the medical industry, electronic operations, military equipment, […]