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Sodium Cyanide Storage Requirements

What is sodium cyanide? Sodium cyanide is a white, water-soluble solid, that is highly toxic and exposure to eye, skin or ingestion can be fatal. The hazardous chemical takes the form of an odorless, dry powder, commonly called “dry salt”. When sodium cyanide is exposed to atmospheric moisture it produces a bitter almond-like odor. Click […]

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corrosive storage buildings

Corrosive Chemicals and their Properties Two classes of chemicals that pose the greatest risk to human and environmental health are classified as corrosive substances, including acids and bases, and flammable and combustible chemicals. In this article US Chemical Storage illustrates  corrosive chemical types, as well as the hazards associated with storing and handling corrosive chemicals. […]

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Drum Storage Buildings for Hazmat

Chemical Drum Storage Buildings US Chemical Storage’s drum storage buildings are designed to compliantly store 55-gallon drums. Our drum storage buildings are customizable to meet your specific requirements. All chemical drum storage buildings meet EPA, OSHA and NFPA regulations allowing you to gain full compliance. Drum Storage Buildings – Superior Construction US Chemical Storage drum […]

medical chemical storage

Medical Chemical Storage – Customizable Laboratory Storage Buildings

Compliant Medial Chemical Storage Laboratories Research and development organizations, medical device manufacturing, chemical engineering operations, and many other institutions use a wide variety of hazardous materials, including biological agents and reactive chemicals that can present dangers to personnel, the public and the environment. Proper storage and labeling of these hazardous materials is necessary to avoid […]