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Corrosive Ammonia Storage

Flammable Chemical Storage – Ammonia Leak

Ammonia Leak in Porterville California The hazmat team responded promptly to a chemical that has a growing popularity in the news, ammonia.  The slow leak at Rio Grande Cold Storage was coming from a compressor in the north end of the building.  The company stores mostly grapes and the hazardous material, ammonia, is used in […]

hazmat storage building

Hazmat Storage Building – Meets Compliant Regulations

Hazmat Situation Causes Evacuation People in Gloucester, Massachusetts were evacuated from their homes due to a hazmat situation.  Acid fumes from a bath of nitric acid formed.  The hazardous material substance is widely used for the removal of metal coatings.   The people who were evacuated from their homes in Gloucester, were back home by Wednesday […]

Drum Storage Solutions

  Drum Storage Solutions by U.S. Chemical Storage: Drum storage requirements are intended to prevent hazardous materials from being released. Chemical safety regulations are designed to protect personnel in the event of an accidental spill or leak. Chemical plants regularly handle hazardous materials, therefore proper chemical storage regulations must be followed. When it comes to […]

Ammonium Nitrate Chemical Storage

Senator Barbara Boxer urges Ammonium Nitrate chemical storage requirements

  West, Texas Fertilizer Blast – Sen. Barbara Boxer pushes storage rules The Senate of Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer tells reporters in Washington that she has mailed a letter to the nation’s governors asking for better safety measures for ammonium nitrate storage solutions.  The hazardous chemical that is deemed to […]

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Hazardous Materials Leak- Salt Lake City, Utah

Hazardous Materials Leak Hazmat crews are working relentlessly to clean up the chemical spill at Quality Distribution Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah. Officials have determined that the chemical is a type of organic peroxide called Trigonox. The company had a problem with the cooling system which may have caused the hazardous chemical to warm […]


Proper Acrylic Acid Storage Techniques: Caustic Storage

Acrylic Acid Chemical Leak Raises Concern Chemical leak at a chemical plant in the Pudong New Area cause an explosion Sunday morning.  The explosion occurred Sunday morning at Shanghai Huayi Acrylic Acid Company in the town of Gaoqiao – officials communicated that no one was hurt.  According to a witness, who lives approximately 100 meters […]