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new OSHA hazard communication standards

Chemical Signs – Ensure Safety

Signs, or signage, for buildings used to store chemicals, are designed to provide safety for personnel and for the public. There are a number of different signs used to alert people what type of chemical is being stored and the proper precautions necessary to take when working in these areas. In the article below we […]

new OSHA hazard communication standards

New OSHA Hazard Communication Standards

Compliance Regulations and New OSHA Hazard Communication Standards OSHA has strategically revised their hazard communication standards to correlate with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). OSHA’s new hazard communication standards go into effect December 31, 2013, requiring workers and officials to be trained on these standards. The new hazard communication standards (HCS) is OSHA’s method of […]

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Chemical Storage Safety Delay After the Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Impacts the Chemical Industry Growing concerns among chemical storage and pesticide storage are delayed by the government shutdown. Thursday, October 31, was supposed to mark the deadline for federal agencies to make a decision on how to properly store dangerous chemicals, including ammonium nitrate – the hazardous chemical which caused the West Texas […]

new osha flammable liquid classifications

New OSHA Flammable Liquid Classifications

OSHA Flammable Liquid Codes Reorganized (U.S. Labor Law) Government agencies, corporations and institutions across the United States have been using NFPA® 30 Flammable and Combustible Classifications as the regulating standard for flammable and combustible substances for decades. The changes regarding OSHA’s new flammable liquid codes can create confusion that may lead to a hazardous situation. […]

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Proper Chemical Storage Includes Accessories – Green Bay Facility Chemical Reaction

Chemical Reaction at Green Bay Facility Mixed chemicals formed a chemical reaction at Carboline, a company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Employees at the plant noticed a chemical reaction and took proper precautions to contain the chemical reaction promptly. A spokesman from Carboline Co. stated that employees noticed a chemical reaction taking place so they placed […]

NFPA Chemical Storage Requirements

Facility Evacuated After Explosion Containing Chemical Storage

“Chemical Explosion Could Have Been Worse” – Officials Say. Approximately 55 people were evacuated from a local business in the Morena neighborhood, in California, Wednesday afternoon. A chemical drum containing epoxy exploded at Fiberlay Inc. – A company that sells fiberglass supplies. People in the surrounding areas reported a strong smell of chemicals. Department spokesman, […]

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Hazardous Materials Storage – Biodegradable Cleaning Agent Leak

Manage Hazardous Materials Storage Safely with a Chemical Storage Room Twenty (20) liters of biodegradable cleaning product leaked from Suncor Energy plant  into the St. Clair River Tuesday. This is the second Chemical Valley spill within a month. Both spills shut down local water intakes, stated the Mayor of Sarnia. Suncor spokeswoman, Jennifer Johnson, stated […]