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Anhydrous HCI Storage

Anhydrous hydrogen chloride (AHCI) is a clear, colorless gas with a very strong odor. Anhydrous HCI is extremely attracted to water and when exposed to air, it quickly reacts with the moisture in the air forming corrosive fumes, commonly known as aqueous hydrochloric acid.  This type of acid emits a pungent odor and strong fumes, […]

hydrogen cylinder storage safety

Hydrogen Cylinder Storage Safety

What is hydrogen? Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless and highly flammable, nontoxic gas. The gas is flammable over a wide range of concentrations and requires a minimum ignition source, only one-tenth of the energy required for gasoline vapors. Hydrogen burns with a nearly invisible blue colored flame, unless contaminated with impurities, in which a pale-yellow […]

gas cylinder storage safety

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety – Safe Storage

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Compressed gases are used in many different industries for a variety of different applications; including research laboratories, medical laboratories, health sciences, fine arts, construction, and oil and lubricant manufacturing. Hazards associated with improper compressed gas storage can be fatal, therefore gas cylinder storage safety must be properly addressed to maintain a […]

Heptane storage containers

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage

Safe Gas Cylinder Storage Requirements According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, “Hazards associated with compressed gases include oxygen displacement, fires, explosions and toxic gas exposures, as well as the physical hazards associated with high pressure systems. Special storage, use, and handling precautions are necessary in order to control these hazards.” Compressed Gas Cylinder […]

gas cylinder storage safety

corrosive storage buildings

Corrosive Chemicals and their Properties Two classes of chemicals that pose the greatest risk to human and environmental health are classified as corrosive substances, including acids and bases, and flammable and combustible chemicals. In this article US Chemical Storage illustrates  corrosive chemical types, as well as the hazards associated with storing and handling corrosive chemicals. […]

methyl bromide storage ventilation

Methyl Bromide Storage Ventilation

What Type of Chemical is Methyl Bromide? Methyl bromide, also known as bromomethane, is an invisible, non-flammable, odorless gas used for many different industrial applications. The toxic chemical is commonly recognized as an invisible odorless gas, although when pressurized, the gas becomes a liquid. At very high levels of exposure, methyl bromide contains a sweet […]

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Gas Cylinder Storage – Compressed Gas Safety

Compressed Gas Usage & Proper Storage Techniques Gas cylinders are routinely used in many industries from manufacturing operations to paper mills and chemical laboratories. Compressed and liquefied gases can potentially cause hazardous working environments if proper storage practices are not followed. According to the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, “Hazards associated with compressed gases include […]

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Gas Cylinder Storage Safety

Gas Cylinder Storage Compliance Compressed gases are used for many different industries and applications. Compressed gases are also used in many different educational programs such as research laboratories, medical laboratories, health sciences, fine arts, welding and diving. The hazards associated with improper gas cylinder storage can be fatal, so gas cylinder storage safety is necessary. […]

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Gas Cylinder Storage Rack for Organized Cylinder Storage

Gas Cylinder Storage and Gas Cylinder Storage Racks Ultimate Compliance Gas cylinder storage poses great risks and can create hazards such as  fires, explosions, toxic gas exposures and oxygen displacement. Compressed gas must be handled and stored properly and safely in order to remain from becoming volatile or creating a hazardous situation. If a compressed […]

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Gas Cylinder Storage – Flammable Storage Solutions

U.S. Chemical Storage Gas Cylinder Storage Buildings All gas cylinders must be stored upright (vertical), and all cylinders must be secured from movement. If compliant racking or shelving is not present, boxes, cartons, and other storage items must be used to secure gas cylinders. Illustrated below are proper gas cylinder storage techniques for compliant storage […]