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Director of Environmental Affairs

Business Roles: Director of Environmental Affairs

What is the role of the Director of Environmental Affairs? The Director of Environmental Affairs focuses on compliance with environmental regulations and requirements with the Federal Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, Resource Conservation, Recovery Act and other regulations. Daily Activities of the Director of Environmental Affairs: The Director of Environmental […]

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Environmental Engineers Oversee Hazardous Materials

Environmental Engineers- Present Day Environmental Engineers are substantial to all companies in the modern world.  In this day and age, environmental concerns are present in all parts of the company ranging from materials used to product development through manufacturing and transportation.  In short, Environmental Engineers oversee the safety of employees as well as environmental conservation efforts concerning the immediate […]

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Manager of Environmental Health and Safety

The position of Manager of Environmental Health and Safety is in high demand as companies seek compliance with OSHA and the EPA. The Environmental Health and Safety Manager may have a variety of responsibilities, but the Manager’s main goal is to ensure safety and compliance within the workplace. MANAGER OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: RESPONSIBILITIES […]