Quoting Guidelines - Custom Chemical Storage Buildings

What type of chemical storage building does your company or organization require?

US Chemical Storage manufactures 100% custom chemical storage buildings for a wide range of safe, compliant, and efficient hazardous material and chemical storage. Because of the variety of applications and customer requirements that our chemical storage buildings fulfill, these few questions will help you with narrowing down what type of building will meet your company's particular needs.

  1. What type of material is being stored (Flammable, Combustible, Corrosive, Pesticide, etc.)?

    If flammable:
    Is the flammable Class 1A or 1B? If 1B, will it be dispensed or mixed? If "Yes", then Explosion Relief Construction is necessary.

  2. What types of containers are being stored (Drums, Totes, Pails, Palletized Containers, etc.)?

    If drums, pails or other, find out how many and how much working room will be needed. Some customers may give you their required interior dimensions or square footage.

  3. How many of each container will be stored?

    If palletized containers:
    Palletized containers require more consideration in quoting so providing the total number and required accessories will allow US Chemical Storage to quote the most cost efficient model. Pallets are stored on 1 or 2 levels, and are accessed by a forklift driving right up to the building and loading/unloading.

    For drums, pails or other:
    Find out how many and how much working room will be needed. Some customers may give you their required interior dimensions or square footage.

  4. Where is this unit to be located in relation to an occupied facility or property line?

    This is important for Flammables/Combustibles since it determines the required Fire Rating (construction that delays a fire from reaching inside/outside of chemical storage building).

    Per NFPA 30, a building can be Non Fire Rated if located 75' or more from an occupied facility/property line. A 2 Hour Fire Rated building can be located 10' - 75', and a 4 Hour Fire Rated building can be located with 10' or inside a facility. Be sure to check with your local authorities as these variances may differ in your area.

  5. What accessories are needed?

    Our available accessories include a host of elements to meet your specific needs from climate control to product racks and personnel safety implementations. See a small list of our available accessories below or visit our accessories page for our full and growing line of chemical storage building accessories.

    Fire Suppression
    Fan Forced Ventilation
    Air Conditioning
    Electrical Outlets
    Partition Walls
    Spill Detection

    Custom Accessories can be sourced as well. Examples: Gas Detectors, Rollers, Sinks, Piped Sleeves, Gas Cylinder Racking, Drum Hoist, Fume Hoods, etc.

Our sales engineers will be able to provide additional information regarding the right chemical storage building. Apply the following questions to your chemical storage requirements and then feel free to contact our sales team at (877) 296-6598 or through our online form and we will provide you with information on the modular chemical storage solution specific to your unique needs.

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