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Our Mission

U.S. Chemical Storage is dedicated to helping companies streamline their manufacturing process by providing safe, custom solutions for hazardous materials and chemical storage. Our experienced sales team, in-house engineers, and shipping coordinators strive to make the entire process simple and straightforward from quote to delivery. Our mission is to exceed your expectations while providing the highest quality chemical storage products and second to none customer service.


One of the world’s largest oil producers contacted us when they needed to safely increase chemical storage on their offshore rigs. A multi-level duplex, climate controlled unit maximized their limited space—safe, custom, and 100% compliant.

A leading American food distributor needed to store flavoring containers inside their plant. We not only designed a custom solution to fit their facility, but also came on-site to assemble the building in California.

In 2012, a small country club in South Carolina decided to expand their golf course. We custom engineered an aesthetically appropriate building to keep pesticides out of the groundwater. By implementing a compliant chemical storage building, we were able to give our customer a safer atmosphere for people and the environment.

We are proud of the reputation we’ve forged over the last 30 years as the first choice for custom chemical storage buildings. From global leaders in pharmaceuticals, oil production, and food distribution, to local leaders aiming to ensure safety in their community—Our wide range of custom industrial buildings and accessories ensure that we will provide the highest quality products and service available.