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herbicide storage building features

Heated Herbicide Storage

Heated Herbicide Storage Safety is the number one reason for a well managed herbicide facility. Climate controlled storage buildings must be monitored regularly to ensure inventory is stable. Protecting against spills not only protects environments but also employees health, water quality, and company investments. A properly designed herbicide facility promotes safe storage, handling, and disposal […]

new OSHA hazard communication standards

Chemical Signs – Ensure Safety

Signs, or signage, for buildings used to store chemicals, are designed to provide safety for personnel and for the public. There are a number of different signs used to alert people what type of chemical is being stored and the proper precautions necessary to take when working in these areas. In the article below we […]

Storing Multiple Chemicals

Are you storing multiple types of chemicals? Many private facilities and government institutions use a variety of different chemicals to ensure that manufacturing processes are efficient and stay on track with production schedules. Making sure all chemicals are stored properly is necessary for factory and institution compliance as well as EPA regulations and NFPA codes. […]

hazmat storage containers

Hazmat Storage Containers

Hazmat Storage Containers Hazardous materials require special handling, storage and safety processes in order to maintain a safe facility. The chance of having a hazardous situation on-site can be great, depending on the type and amount of hazardous material being stored. Almost all chemicals require their own special safe storage solutions. The article below illustrates […]

Mixing and Dispensing Chemical Storage

Mixing and Dispensing Rooms Mixing and dispensing rooms are designed specifically to keep people and facilities safe while maintaining proper storage temperatures. The article below illustrates safe storage techniques while providing helpful tips on organizing chemical inventory. Storing Raw Chemicals inside Mixing and Dispensing Rooms Storing raw chemicals inside a hazmat storage building will not […]

US Chemical Building

Chemical Storage Lockers – NFPA and FM Approvals

Outdoor Chemical Storage Lockers & NFPA Regulations The use of hazardous materials in industries, universities and medical facilities has seen an increase in growth and a growing concern among the safety community. First responders, safety officials and fire Marshalls face hazardous situations that sometimes can or could be avoided. The use of prefabricated chemical storage […]

hazmat storage container

Hazmat Storage Container – Storage Guide

Hazmat storage including flammable liquids are present in nearly every workplace. The hazards associated with hazardous material liquids and flammable liquids can be greater than estimated. To prevent fires, hazardous materials and the storage of flammables require special techniques for storage, handling and transferring. It is necessary that all workplaces have emergency plans prior to […]

large capacity chemical storage

Large Capacity Chemical Storage Building

Storing Large Quantities of Hazardous Chemicals Hazardous material storage is a process that requires consideration and careful planning to achieve safety and compliance measures. Regulations for federal, state, and local agencies are in place to promote safety for workers, the community and the environment. Proper chemical storage is critical, not only for safety, but obtaining  […]

outdoor chemical storage lockers

Outdoor Chemical Storage Lockers – US Chemical Storage

Safely storing hazardous materials, agrochemicals, chemical drums or waste materials is critical to the success of many companies. Outdoor chemical storage lockers provide a safe solution for storing dangerous materials that are used in daily business operations. Chemical Storage Classification If storing flammable or combustible materials, you will need a fire-rated or non-combustible outdoor chemical […]

Compliant bulk paint storage

Bulk Paint Storage – Safe & Compliant

Safety Matters: Bulk Paint Storage OSHA classifies paints under “flammable and combustible materials” with requirements for storage, handling and transporting. Storing and handling large volumes of paint inventory can be extremely dangerous. Proper bulk paint storage buildings as well as mixing and dispensing units can provide safety to personnel and facilities in the surrounding area. […]